About Paraclimate

Paraclimate is climate tech analysis and commentary from me, an angel investor and advisor for early-stage climate tech companies. Paraclimate focusses on the application of data in B2B software and services but will occasionally entertain other topics because climate tech is just too interesting and diverse a field.

My perspective is informed by a lifetime working in B2B software and marketplaces, from large enterprise planning systems to the technologies underlying the digital media takeover. Data integration, data modeling and analytics are recurring themes. In case you wonder how this relates to climate tech, read my posts on how climate tech is like the early days of digital media.

Please reach out if :

You have a topic or company you want me to cover on Paraclimate

You are an investor interested in B2B climate tech software and services

You are an entrepreneur looking for ideas or cofounders

You are an early-stage company that is looking for commercialization help

You are an engineer interested in transitioning to climate tech

You just want to talk climate tech. Let's go!